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Doosti : (noun) a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbours.Welcome to our website.

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The community Doosti has a different activities such as Dance, English conversation and ...

Doosti : (noun) a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbours.
Welcome to our website.

Who are we?

Our Policy

Community Doosti (Friendship) - CICWho we are?
Doosti is an inclusive community open to all residents in Salford and the surrounding area.
a) Aims
The purpose of the organisation is to foster integration and community cohesion within the UK, catering to all of its group members, with a special focus on those who are a part of or have undergone the UK immigration system. The organisation strives to unite people, especially those hailing from refugee and asylum backgrounds, in order to alleviate isolation and loneliness, and to champion social inclusion and diversity.
b) Objectives
To achieve these aims, the group will work to facilitate:
English conversation lessons and art sessions.
Collaboration and partnerships with other groups and professionals to promote opportunities and raise awareness on various matters, including diversity, culture, cancer, hate crime, and domestic abuse.
Participation in different cultural events and festivals, as well as organising trips.
Workshops for skills development and capacity building.
Doosti would be delighted to connect with more people, communities, and organisations.

Previous Activies

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These are a few images of our past events and people.

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